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Hearing Protection

Employers must provide hearing protectors to all workers exposed to 8-hour TWA noise levels of 85 dBA or above. This requirement ensures that employees have access to protectors before they experience any hearing loss.

 Employees must wear hearing protectors:airsoft_main


Some types of hearing protection include:

Employers must provide employees with a selection of at least one variety of hearing plug and one variety of hearing muff. Employees should decide, with the help of a person trained to fit hearing protectors, which size and type protector is most suitable for the working environment. The protector selected should be comfortable to wear and offer sufficient protection to prevent hearing loss. Hearing protectors must adequately reduce the noise level for each employee’s work environment.

The employer must reevaluate the suitability of the employee’s hearing protector whenever a change in working conditions may make it inadequate. If workplace noise levels increase, employees must give employees more effective protectors. The protector must reduce employee exposures to at least 90 dBA and to 85 dBA when an STS already has occurred in the worker’s hearing. Employers must show employees how to use and care for their protectors and supervise them on the job to ensure that they continue to wear them correctly.


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