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Hearing Loss & the Workplace

How We Can Help You

Did you know that hearing loss is one of the top underrated and unreported work-related injuries?  While over 30 million American workers are affected, this can be prevented. If your place of business has a high level of industrial noise it’s your responsibility as employer to test and provide adequate protection against hearing loss.


At Industrial Audiometrics, we assist in the following:

  • Noise surveys
  • Audiometric testing
  • Baseline and annual hearing screenings
  • Training
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Record Keeping
  • Follow-up testing
  • Fit Testing for hearing protection

There are only two Industrial Audiologists working in the state of Arkansas currently and our industrial audiologist has over 20 years experience. Although it is not required by OSHA, diagnostic testing can accurately determine whether hearing loss was a result of working conditions. In the event of workers compensation lawsuits, we are also available as a credible professional witness.